Tuesday, November 5, 2013

this n' that

I'm still way behind on posting. I have a mountain of San Antonio/Sea World pics to post but keep putting it off. When you watermark every pic it can take a while!  

Anyway, we're doing great!! 

We're much better now but the kids and I were all sick late last week and over the weekend. Both kids had low grade fevers but didn't seem to suffer too much. I, on the other hand, didn't have a fever but felt like death. Ha! I guess that's what happens when you're getting old and you're pregnant. 

We were cooped up in this house for days and the kids and I were about to go crazy. J went back to school this morning while C opted to skip school and spend the day running errands with me. (I usually don't give him that option but since he has been sick I let him just this once. Believe me, he sure wasn't acting sick today. Bouncing off the walls and full of energy but it was fun spending the morning with just him.) After we dropped J off at school we went to register at Buy Buy Baby. I love that store! We got there right after they opened and the employees were so sweet. A couple ladies kept C occupied while I was filling out paperwork. One sweet lady read him a pirate book and another lady gave him some blocks to play with. Then C followed me around with a little shopping cart while I scanned several items for my registry. 

He loved this great big Elmo, it's almost as big as him! 

He's been asking for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and was delighted to find this little Dyson! I'm afraid his Christmas list just keeps getting longer and longer. (And I wouldn't mind finding a grown-up Dyson under the Christmas tree. Ha!) 

Isn't it cute?? 

I could've added a lot more to my registry but we had to run to HomeGoods to look for bedding for C's new room. I was hoping to find a comforter but they didn't have what I wanted. But we did find a cute set of sport sheets for his bed. Then we were off to meet a couple people for Craigslist items on the other side of town. (I got some great deals and both meet-ups were right down the street from each other! Fellow Craigslist buyers will know this is awesome!) Afterwards we stopped by Starbucks for iced coffee and treats, then ran into a secondhand shop and found some winter play clothes, and an awesome H&M dress, before picking her up at school.

Yesterday C was so funny. He was just staring at this pic of the husband and I on our wedding day and asking questions. "Where were J and I?" and "Who took this picture" and "Where were y'all?" Haha! He makes me laugh.

American Girl doll Josefina will be J's big gift this Christmas. We gave her the option of a Bitty Baby or an AG doll and she really wants this one. (I wish she'd get a Bitty Baby. I think it would be fun for her to have a newborn doll with a newborn sibling coming soon but, whatever, it's her decision.) Anyway, I think the whole American Girl doll thing may be more for moms than kids! I'm discovering  a lot of moms out there are really into buying, selling and trading AG dolls, and Bitty Babies, and accessories. I'm afraid I may be getting on the train myself. Ha! I always wanted an American Girl doll growing up but never got one (Samantha and Molly were my favorites) so I'm really excited to get a doll for J and really excited about all the little outfits and accessories you can add on. :) I'm pretty sure God knew what he was doing when he gave me a little girl. I'm definitely a girly-girl and it's so fun having a daughter to take shopping, dress up and share fun interests and hobbies with. :) The husband's worried that this next baby is a girl too. Girls are definitely more expensive, I think.

On a completely different, and totally random, subject I was thrilled today to hear that Ryan Ferguson's conviction has been overturned!! (The chances of anyone who reads this blog knowing who/what I'm talking about are slim but I just have to mention it.) I watch a lot of true crime (mostly 48 Hours and Dateline) and after watching several episodes featuring Ryan's story I feel certain (as thousands do) that this he is completely innocent of the crime he was convicted of and spent 9.5 years in Missouri prison for. Thousands of people across the nation (and the world) learned of his story and signed petitions, wrote the governor of Missouri and more. The fact that his conviction has been overturned is amazing! I'm thrilled for him and his family but still angry and frustrated at the justice system for letting him be prosecuted and convicted with no evidence whatsoever. Read his story here if you're interested. (Yes, I'm a total nerd and totally into stories like this one. I have a new true crime story (or three) to share with my husband every week.)

Anyway, sorry for such a long post. Hope everyone is having a marvelous week!! :)


  1. I hope you're all feeling better! It's awful to be pregnant and sick!

  2. that's one big elmo! good luck with your registry!
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