Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a thirty-something Christian wife and stay-at-home mom of four! My awesome husband, J, and I have been married 10 years! We have four kids who are 10, 8, 5 and 3. We added a crazy Beagle mix puppy to the chaos about a year ago! 

I've been blogging off and on for over 15 years! I just started blogging somewhat regularly last year and hope to stick with it this time! 

We moved from Texas to North Carolina almost 2 years ago. We're loving life out here with the tall trees, winding roads and mountains and beach nearby! 

My hobbies include reading, travel, spending too time watching Hulu, Netflix and I pretty much can't live without iced coffee! I'm a wanna-be writer, photographer and runner. 

I'd love for you to follow along on my blog! You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Blog Lovin'

"Gabby" * is 10 and going into 5th grade. We attempted our first year of homeschool last year but decided she'll be going back to public school this fall! She enjoys Girls On The Run, dance, American Heritage Girls, arts, crafts and reading. 

"Alex" is almost 9 and going into 3rd grade. He loves sports, baseball, reading, Legos and all things outdoors! 

  "Izzy" is 5 and will be starting kindergarten at a dual immersion, Spanish/English, program this fall! She is our little tomboy who loves soccer, puppy dogs, playing outside and keeping up with her big brother! She always has a girly side and spends hours playing with Indie Grace and Gabby.

"Indie Grace" is the 3 and the baby of the family! She wants to be known as "Minnie Mouse" on the blog but I think I'll stick with "Indie Grace" ha! She keeps us on our toes! She is sassy with her own little attitude. She loves arts and crafts like her older siblings, playing baby dolls and she's loving all things horses at the moment! 

*If you know us in real life you're probably confused. I use nicknames for all of us here on the blog. The names I use for the kids are variations of their actual middle names. The older 3 kids chose the variations of their middle names that I use for them here. :) 

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